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Lower Granite Lake, Lock & Dam, Washington

Lower Granite Lake, located in extreme southeastern Washington and central Idaho along the lower Snake and Clearwater Rivers, provides for a wide spectrum of outdoor recreation fun. In the adjoining towns of Clarkston, Washington and Lewiston, Idaho there are 22 miles of bikepaths designated as the Clearwater & Snake River National Recreation Trail for walking, bicycling or running. In addition, there are also picnic areas, visitor centers, swimming beaches, and boat ramps found at the various parks in the communities, which includes the nearby town Asotin. Camping is available at Hells Gate State Park in Lewiston and Chief Timothy Park just west of Clarkston. Down river towards the Dam on Washington Highway 193 enjoy fishing, semi-primitive camping, boating and scenic vistas of the pronounced river canyon walls. Camping and an interpretive trail are available at Wawawai County Park. At the Dam enjoy fish viewing in the fish facility visitor center. The Lewis and Clark expedition passed through this area. East of Lewiston about 10 miles on Highway 12 is the Nez Perce National Historical Park.

Directions:(To the Office and Greenbelt Ramp) Just north of the interstate blue bridge to 100 Fair Street, in Clarkston, Washington.


US Army Corps of Engineers
100 FAIR STREET Clarkston,  WA  99403-1943 Phone: 509-751-0240 Email:

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Lower Granite Lake, Lock & Dam
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